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Conforteck 03-B12L Lithium battery and charger set

Conforteck 03-B12L Lithium battery and charger set

SKU: 03-B12L
C$179.99 Regular Price
C$165.59Sale Price

This is our  12 Volt DC, 5200mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. -136bad5cf58d_

All you need is your heated gear. You plug it directly into one of the 2 battery outputs. You turn it on, press the red button for 2 seconds, a red led will tell you that the battery is working at maximum. possible.  


Red LED100% intensity (at maximum)
Orange LED75% intensity
Green LED50% intensity
Flashing green LED25% intensity



  • The battery is capable of supplying a maximum of 36 Watts.
  • If you connect 2 devices on battery, these will be at the same level of intensity.
  • The battery has no memory effect. You can therefore recharge it every evening, if you wish.
  • Weight: 320g or 0.7 lbs
  • For better battery life, we recommend that you wear the battery as close to the body as possible. You can put it in an inside pocket of your coat or you can use our battery case and wear it on your belt.
  • Before storing it, we recommend that you recharge it.  If the period is prolonged, we recommend that you recharge it every 3 months.
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